Our Beginning

Our history begins in 1980 where Consultancy Unit was first developed as a strategic business unit that promotes the available expertise in UPM to government agencies and industries. This unit was established under the purview of the Vice Chancellor’s Office. The Consultancy Unit was then upgraded to University Business Centre (UBC) on 15 July 1996 as an expansion to open up for more business activities.. more

Our Subsidiaries

UPM Education & Training Sdn Bhd (UPMET) is established and endowed as an education and training vehicle by Universiti Putra Malaysia which plan to embark on professional advancement and leadership development programs.

UPM Consultancy & Services Sdn Bhd (UPMCS) is established in 2006 and carry on business as consultant and management of technical professional services to the outside world (local and international clients).

UPM Innovations Sdn Bhd (UPMInno) endeavours to utilise fully the research facilities, technologies, new products, IPs which are available in UPM for conversion into business activities profitable to the university through establishment of joint ventures and smart partnerships with related industries.

UPM International Sdn Bhd (UPMI) is a subsidiary under UPMCS which offers hospitality and retail services including F&B.

UPM Business Management Sdn Bhd (UPMBM) formerly known as UPM Health Sdn Bhd is a subsidiary under UPMCS which provides value-added services in the areas of property development, sports development and recreation.

Our Clients

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