UniPutra Golf CLub

UPM provides 18-holes golf course
The Uniputra Golf Club formerly known as UPM golf courses built in 1981 with nine holes were originally intended for agricultural and physical education. It also becomes a leisure attraction for staff, students and the public as well. In addition, all staffs and students can also enjoy play golf with beautiful scenery of nature.

UniPutra Golf Club opens to the public and managed by UPMHoldings subsidiaries, UPM Business Management Sdn Bhd, that responsible for the management and maintenance of golf courses and provides facilities for golf players. Players Club Golf UPM (KPGU) was established to generate club activities.

Nine Orchard which consists of hole 1 to hole 9 successfully makes golfers feel comfortable with a beautiful view because of its purity which also filled with fruit trees surrounding. Nine Forest consists of hole 10 to hole 18 was surrounded by forest trees and natural scenery and a challenging field. 

There are also various facilities such as UniPutra Driving Range and Practice Green, UniPutra Terrace, club golf house, prayer room, and changing room.

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