UPM Innovations Sdn Bhd

UPM Innovation Sdn Bhd (UPM Inno) formerly known as UPM Research and Development Sdn. Bhd. endeavours to utilise fully the research facilities, technologies, new products, IPs which are available in UPM for conversion into business activities profitable to the university through establishment of joint ventures and smart partnerships with related industries. We assist in shaping UPMRD cooperation with industries. This is one of the efforts undertaken by the university through UPMRD to speed up product and innovation development.

 UPM Inno is mandated to adopt the following:

i. Receiving rights from UPM to commercialized intellectual assets of UPM

ii. Responsible for evaluation of UPM’s IP, documentation and filing to the relevant authorities.

iii. Value creation and commercialization of UPM’s intellectual property through licensing or outright sale to selected commercial entities.

iv. Providing value added activities towards the success of IP commercialization and relevant business activities.

v. Forging an excellent strategic relationship, match-making and networking with of industry partner local and abroad to promote UPM’s intellectual property.