Putra Consultancy

Putra Consultancy

Putra Consultancy is a consultancy unit that act as a business core in UPM Consultancy & Services Sdn Bhd. Putra Consultancy acts as the liaison between UPM and related markets and industries to manage, coordinate, and fully utilize professional research expertise and services available in UPM, to help promote innovation and technology in steady stream of Research & Development (R&D) activities through smart partnership.

Putra Consultancy aims to provide a top-notch consultancy by improving the management enhancement of projects through efficient financial, marketing, administrative and delivery management. As a registered consultant with the government, statutory bodies and private agencies, UPMCS Consultancy Unit also is responsible to:

  • Be actively involved in marketing and negotiations, discussions with clients and in arriving at suitable solutions to client and negotiator agreements
  • Prepare contract agreements between clients and UPM consultants
  • Audit consultancy projects to ensure that they are carried out in accordance with agreed terms and schedules.Pu

Our expertise of 1,628 consultants; comprising 1,435 with PhD from various professional fields – 16 faculties, 20 Centre of Excellence (COE), and 10 institutes, bring to bear wide-ranging industry in diverse area of research.  Deep insight into various industry backgrounds, high technology research infrastructures, and extensive experience acquired over the years help client to count on us to share our thinking and solutions.

Putra Consultancy has the expertise, experience and technical know-how to offer with. Based on the track records of 30 years experience with diverse clients. Putra Consultancy has a strong foundation to excel in consultancy and services ventures.



Putra Consultancy offers a broad range of consultancy services that address the unique challenges of clients’ industry and business to meet their needs in various markets. UPMCS is registered as Consultant with Ministry of Finance, Malaysia in the following fields:

  1. Environment
  2. Engineering
  3. Organization
  4. Economy
  5. Natural Resources
  6. Marketing & Research
  7. Privatization & Commercialization
  8. Landscape Achitechture & Design
  9. Veterinary Medical
  10. Biotechnology
  11. Forestry
  12. Tourism
  13. Information Technology
  14. Energy Management
  15. Property Valuation
  16. Agriculture
  17. Human Resource
  18. Basic Sciences
  19. Education
  20. Language Human
  21. Ecology
  22. Food Technology
  23. Traffic & Safety
  24. Telecommunication
  25. Investment
  26. Society
  27. Finance


Putra Consultancy strives to continue promoting innovation and technology in UPM – the prominent Research University in Malaysia. With vision in place, we are sparing no effort to achieve excellence in providing the best of research management and enhancing its reputation for quality.  

From 2009 to 2015, UPMCS has consistently conducted 482 consultancy projects worth RM 78 million, with the average of 69 projects per year. Majority of funding was contributed by government agencies for 61%, followed by private sectors, 32% and 7% from international companies.