Academic Program


UPM Education & Training Sdn. Bhd. manage and coordinate the UPM Distance Learning Program for Diploma, Bachelor and Master Level for working people. The program offers are:

  1.  Diploma In Human Development
  2.  Bachelor of Communication
  3.  Bachelor of Science (Human Resource Development)
  4.  Bachelor of Science (Human Development)
  5.  Bachelor of Arts (English Language)
  6.  Bachelor of Arts (Malay Language and Linguistics)
  7.  Bachelor of Agriculture Science
  8.  Master of Human Resource Development
  9.  Master of Corporate Communication
  10.  Master of Education (Education Administration)
  11.  Master of Education (Teaching of Malay as a First Language)
  12.  Master of Malay Language

Teaching system and learning for Distance Learning Program (PJJ), Universiti Putra Malaysia refers to the number of hours of  Face-to-face Lecture in between students and lecturer. The number of hours lecture have been set less from the Full Time program. PJJ UPM emphasis on self-learning to create flexible learning without pressure especially for working adults.

Teaching material like Module Learning (writing by UPM’s lecturer according to their respective fields) is provided for reference and study aids. Student encouraged to get the references material from various sources to help the learning process especially by the lecturers. With commitment and self-discipline it is not possible to achieving success in no time.

Technology facilities expanded its use in helping and simplify the teaching and learning process. Teaching Recordings and Learning (PERL) was implemented where video of lectures were uploaded via the student portal naming Video On Demand (VOD) portal. This video can be assessed by students at anytime and anywhere they are.

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*will be update soon