KMR OnePutra Residence


Kolej Mohammad Rashid was built on the Serdang estate site by Macmillan and Company, originally known as the Kolej Kediaman Pertama consisting of five residential blocks under the names of several types of timber namely Resak, Kempas, Merbau, Cengal and Kemuning. As the oldest college on this campus and growing with the Kolej Pertanian and later known as Universiti Putra Malaysia.

The history of Kolej Mohammad Rashid started at 1975. The residence started initially as clinics and as office of the Pejabat Persatuan Kolej Pertanian dan Pejabat Persatuan Pelajar (CAMSU). At that time, most of the college was comprised of diploma and degree students but starting of the 1987/1988 most KMR residents consisted of Matriculation students who made up 95 percent of its residence.

The Kolej Kediaman Pertama was officially renamed Kolej Kediaman Cikgu Rashid on August 14, 1988. Since the collegiate system was introduced at Universiti Putra Malaysia in 1955, the college has changed its name to the Kolej Cikgu Rashid. Kolej Cikgu Rashid has been renamed Kolej Mohamad Rashid since May 1995 in line with the corporate image. Since then, Kolej Mohamad Rashid has been known as KMR among Universiti Putra Malaysia students.

“Cozy and Comfortable” is the way to describe this on-campus residential college that offers 24 units of modern apartments and 119 units of studio rooms for students, expatriates, short-courses & special function participants, parents, staffs and others. These three residence buildings are home to a vibrant and diverse student community in the heart of UPM campus.

Comprised of three blocks – K, M, and R, KMR OnePUTRA is provided with attractive facilities & amenities such as OnePUTRA Hall with free Wi-Fi access, 24-hours study lounge, OnePutra Cafeteria, OnePutra Shop, musolla, meeting facilities and more to cater to the needs of residents. Located amidst green environment within the UPM campus, residents have easy access to the administration & academic buildings and major university facilities.

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